In April, I asked my social media community, “What is your biggest need as it relates to Black history?”

The phrase “information for kids” really resonated with many of you.

With more clarity around the solutions you need, I took a poll saying, “Raise your hands if you are in need of Black-taught virtual learning experiences for your kids that cover Black history.”

Hundreds of hands flew up!

So, I curated an ongoing curriculum to engage your students in critical learning.

It’s called The Classroom.

It is a donation-based learning zone, which can be completed at your own pace.

Let me be clear…

There is a need to teach students how to effectively compete in today’s society. Through Versus knowledge, which is taught by The Classroom, this becomes possible.

As many antiracist educators have explained, there are levels to this work:

  • General knowledge – Gaining wide-spread information about different subjects generally taught in school. 
  • Versus knowledge – Gaining specific narratives from the perspective of those who have been historically marginalized. These counter-narratives are not typically taught in school but provide specialized knowledge, insights, and understandings. 
  • Passion pairing – This is a process of balancing general knowledge and versus knowledge to find your passion. Through this balancing, students will form holistic viewpoints and action steps to improve self and society. 
  • Multicultural leadership – This is the framework for preparing leaders to successfully lead and engage a racially diverse society.

We’re starting soon. Join within the next 48 hours and you’ll receive a special invitation to join Welcome Day, an informative, engaging, and fun-filled day set aside for all new parents and students. (Seats are limited)